Your reliable partner in China
We organize uninterrupted deliveries from China to all over the world.
The company was founded in 2011 with the goal of making working with China safe and profitable.
Now we have two teams, Chinese and Russian.
Two offices in China are responsible for the search and purchase of products, communication with manufacturers.
The head office in the Russian Federation assumes the functions of communication with customers, logistics management and provides financial, legal and marketing support to the company.
We are also actively looking for partners to open representative offices in other cities of the Russian Federation.

We make cooperation with Chinese enterprises mutually beneficial and safe.
Necessary work algorithm
to organize successful shipments from China
  • 1
    We explore the Chinese market according to the required criteria
  • 2
    We are looking for and selecting a reliable manufacturer
  • 3
    We coordinate samples and terms of reference
  • 4
    We conclude a contract with a Chinese company
  • 5
    We place production and make purchases
  • 6
    We check the quality, production and shipment
  • 7
    We arrange, insure and deliver turnkey cargo
  • 8
    We arrange your stay for personal control.

We deliver goods
Stable deliveries from China
to all cities of Russia, the CIS and the world
Shipping from china
Since 2011, we have been working to ensure that you can
receive goods from China in a timely, safe
and not tudying foreign economic activity.

Based on the requirements and the nature of the cargo
we will choose the most optimal route
transportation and optimize costs as much as possible
at all stages of delivery.

Working with us on a long-term basis, you can
rely on the fact that each subsequent
delivery will be more profitable for you.

We work with suppliers
and manufacturers in China
Production in Chinese factories
and procurement of finished products
consulting in china
We do your work with Chinese companies
and businesses safe and comfortable.

Now, making or purchasing products over several thousand kilometers, you can be sure that you will receive.

We will select the best manufacturer, coordinate and arrange production, organize purchases, and control all processes at each stage.

We will arrange for you a comprehensive supply or
we will help to solve individual problems.

We supply products and raw materials
on a regular basis
We create an individual supply chain
according to the required plan
Comprehensive supply of retail chains with consumer goods
"From the manufacturer to the store counter"
  • 1
    Regular search and selection of relevant products
  • 2
    Work with suppliers, calculations and quality control
  • 3
    Own brand production
  • 4
    Packaging development, Russification, bar coding

We help and accompany
Organization of a productive business tour
for meetings and exhibitions in China
Business trip to China
Glad to meet you!

You can become a company representative in your
region or work in one of our offices.
Suggestions for cooperation and resume send:
We work to ensure that your business works with China freely and without restrictions.
Свидетельство о членстве в ТПП
Свидетельство о членстве в ТПП
We provide a full complex of services in searching, selection and sending products from China
 Searching of the best manufacturer upon price/quality criterion
 Searching of Chinese factories for your manufacture of products
 Realization of your products on the territory of China
 Organization of business-missions and business-tours to China

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