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We perform an audit of enterprises, control the production and quality.

Searching of production and manufacturer in China

We will help you to find a reliable partner in Celestial Empire
To find independently

On online trading platforms
alibaba.cn | made-in-china.com | taobao.com

To find products

Gathering offers of leading suppliers
for wanted products

* The cost and terms of services depend on the complexity of the requirements for products.

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Sending product samples from China.
Finished sample
Search for 3 manufacturers of identical products
Quality checking
Photo and video
Packing and sending samples
Individual sample
Search for a manufacturer to create a prototype
Production control
Photo and video
Packing and sending samples
* We will deliver samples within 7 days after their production.
The cost of production of samples and their delivery are not included in the cost of the service.


Production in Chinese factories.
The service is suitable for entrepreneurs who want to reduce production costs.
You save on renting space, buying equipment and salaries for workers.
What can you produce in China:
machine tools, furniture, textiles, advertising and souvenir products, electronics, household appliances and
individual development.
OEM (original equipment manufacturer)
- the factory produces products on which you can apply the identity of any brand.
ODM (original design manufacturer)
- the factory produces products according to your original drawings or technical specifications.

Purchasing in China

Organization of direct purchases from Chinese manufacturers.

You do not need to go to China to buy products in Chinese factories.
We bill you in rubles and make payments with Chinese manufacturers on our own.
One-time purchase
Scheduled procurement and delivery of goods
Remote audit of the enterprise
Remote production control
Quality check before shipment
Shipment Inspection
Personal manager
Schedule payments and deliveries
* Purchases on an ongoing basis are cheaper and more profitable than one-time purchases.

Audit and control

Departure to the enterprise for audit and verification.
Product quality control at the stages of production and shipment.
The service is used in cases if:
  • 1
    You cannot visit the enterprise yourself
  • 2
    It is necessary to check the quality of products
  • 3
    Are you interested in long-term cooperation?
  • 4
    Want to know about factory facilities
  • 5
    Container loading required
Production control

On-site quality control at the production stage

1 business day
Regular production time control

Checking products for compliance with the approved technical specifications during production

defect detection products

Other checks for your technical requirements
Shipment Control

On-site inspection of products before shipping

1 business day

Checking the quality of cargo packaging

Checking the cargo and counting it before shipping, according to the statement of work and packing list

Checking transport and
shipping documents

Other checks for your technical requirements
Enterprise Audit

Departure of the employee to the enterprise for audit

1 business day
Checking documentation and licenses

The state of production and
storage areas

Staff availability and
their number in the company

Quality control of equipment and
manufactured products
A consulting specialist will call you back within 15 minutes
Yiwu City Market
FABRIK-China provides a remote procurement department for representatives of retail chains
  • Do you want to economize on delivery and customs clearance?
    Logistics team specialists and stuff customs declarant will optimize freight-out.
  • Do you need convenient delivery conditions and the best price?
    Our Chineese office employees will analyze suppliers on the basis of your requirements.
  • Do you want to see and check products before purchase?
    You will receive samples of products within 7 days after shipment from China. We will buy production lot according approved samples.
  • Do you happen to know how to buy and how to pay products in China?
    We will make out an invoice for products in roubles on the part of Russian company.
  • You have no understanding of which documents to provide and acquire?
    Our legal team and accountants will do all work for you. You will receive your cargo with complete set of the documents.
  • Do you face with defective and nonconforming products earlier?
    We will check lot of products while producing and before the shipment. We will pay for losses if products do not meet to your order.
You work with
a Chinese export company
  • 1
    You conclude a contract with our company in China, so it means that we are being liable towards you within the limits of Russian legislation.
  • 2
    Our company concludes contract with the local corporate counterparties in China, so we have the right to demand all obligations as specified in a contract on the territory of China.
  • 3
    An international trading company Fabrik in Russia and Fabrik Corporation in China is one organization, so your interests are protected throughout all stages of product's purchase and delivery.
We work to ensure that your business works with China freely and without restrictions.
Свидетельство о членстве в ТПП
Свидетельство о членстве в ТПП
Our clients
We provide a full complex of services in searching, selection and sending products from China
 Searching of the best manufacturer upon price/quality criterion
 Searching of Chinese factories for your manufacture of products
 Realization of your products on the territory of China
 Organization of business-missions and business-tours to China

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